Stephanie Montgomery, President

I was born and raised in Erie and have been doing triathlons around the area since 2009. Previously, I was a runner and my competition history only consisted of high school meets and local 5/10k’s after graduation. Since I began drinking the triathlon Kool-Aide, I’ve competed in many local sprint and Olympic distance triathlons. I have a half ironman under by belt, however, I find the sprint distance to be most enjoyable and I continue to compete in at least one race every year. There are some individuals that “train to race” and others “race to train”. Although there is not much more rewarding than successfully finishing a race you’ve trained for, I REALLY enjoy the training aspect of the sport. Working out has always been my “medicine” and a huge part of my life. Having a few races on the calendar keeps me focused and accountable. When I am not training or competing in this town I call HOME, I am busy selling real estate for Agresti Real Estate.

COME SWEAT WITH US! The Erie Triathlon Club is more than simply competing in triathlons and why I decided to step into the leadership role several years back. I have met so many amazing people, many of whom I consider my closest friends. This club is not just for the elite. We have individuals of ALL levels who strive towards reaching different goals. This is a multi-sport club and we welcome ALL individuals who enjoy physical fitness activities. We have one thing in common…. we enjoy physical fitness and the company of other like-minded people. Please consider joining our tribe! 

Rob Kolodziejczak , Vice President

I am fairly new to triathlon, less than 2 years, but have competed in many endurance events. A short list of accomplishments includes a half Ironman finish, 100 mile trail run finishes and a 5k win. When not training for triathlons, I am a production supervisor at a local shop and an Army Reservist. 

Breanne Hillen, Treasurer

I was born and raised in Erie and has always been relatively active, but decided to buy a road bike in 2015 as a different form of exercise. I began riding with a local women’s cycling group and many of those women were involved in triathlon. I had a background in swimming and ran recreationally, and figured the next step for her was to combine all of these hobbies into triathlon. I spent that summer participating in as many ETC training opportunities as possible, learning about the sport and building endurance. I completed my first triathlon that fall at Presque Isle and loved it. I have competed a handful of sprint and Olympic distance triathlons since then. I love the sport because it’s very individualized and you can really challenge yourself, but the community is on the of the kindest and most supportive sporting communities you would want to be a part of.

Pat Hesidence - Secretary

I have always enjoyed running and being active. Several foot injuries caused me to consider other sports, so I tried biking and swimming and love the cross training.  I don’t think of myself as a natural athlete and will never win any races, however, being part of the atmosphere and I have many personal goals keeps me coming back and planning for the next race.  I have competed in two Half Ironman races and all the local tri-sprint events.  Also, I have never missed a Turkey Trot event and will do a half marathon if my niece convinces me to run with her. 

I am always trying to improve my technique.  When I was younger I thought about just putting shoes on and running, and as I got older I became more intrigued about the impact of performance as it relates to hydration, nutrition, technique, massage therapy, yoga, and strength training.  Being part of the Erie Tri Club has helped me in all aspects of the sport and I enjoy the interaction with the  members.

I am originally from Pittsburgh and have lived in Erie for the last 10 years.  I have two daughters, two grandchildren, and a large family in Pittsburgh.  If I visit Pittsburgh, I am typically hanging out with friends that I have known since grade school or I’m with family.  And if I am in Erie, I am typically at work, hanging out at the gym or having dinner with various friends.  That’s about as complicated as it gets and I am always thankful for all the great relationships I have in Pittsburgh and Erie.

Welcome to the Erie Triathlon Club. This club was established in 2005 with a mission to bring athletes together for the benefit of sharing the competitive spirit.  We invite athletes of all levels and interests to join our journey to be the best individual and maybe making some friends along the way. 

The group consists of all skill levels and interests which include swimming, cycling, mountain biking, kayaking, running, skiing, cross training, and anything else that gets your heart pumping and your blood flowing.  Our athletes have great passion to train and compete at  local, regional, and even national events. 

Our aim has been to promote and support ALL multi-sport athletes and events and share the experiences and knowledge to improve and enjoy the experience as an individual and group. We also facilitate training events for those of you that want to learn a new skill. Come SWEAT with us!

 P.S. We throw some really great parties 😉

As you tour through out website, you will see pictures of us sharing the experiences of the events and all the social fun as well. We’re sure to have something that appeals to you.

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